Valerius Texteis, Portugal

One of Portugal’s most innovative clothing manufacturers, Valerius is on a mission to encourage circularity with programmes that recycle fabric off-cuts, as well as solar panel schemes that will see their factories produce 35% of the energy they consume on-site. They also have a dedicated wastewater treatment plant, which processes out chemicals and contaminants so that water can be reused in the manufacturing process.

Name: Valerius Texteis

Audited by: Intertek

Last audited: 12/01/2021

Country: Portugal

Fabric mill: Clothius Tecelagem Lda – RDD Unit

Employees: 124

Certifications: GRS, OCS, BCI, OEKO TEX 100, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, GOTS, RCS, Fair Trade

What they make: Joggers, hoodies

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