“I haven’t got time to eat healthy.”

Yes you have. With no prep and no cooking, Huel is ready in seconds and contains the perfect blend of protein, carbs, fats, fibre and all 26 essential vitamins & minerals.

Don’t compromise on your health

Nutritious pant-based food product

Don’t compromise on your health

175 health benefits

Including Vitamin D to support the immune system and Vitamin C to reduce tiredness and fatigue.


All Huel products contain zero animal products and are approved by the vegan society.

From only ¥159 per meal

Who said eating healthily should cost the earth? Huel starts from only ¥159 per meal, cheaper than a latte!

Ready in under a minute

No more nutrition anxiety. Shake up a Huel meal and give your body everything it needs from food in a convenient format.

What is complete nutrition?

The perfect blend of protein carbs, fats, fibre and all essential vitamins & minerals. Everything your body needs from food, including Vit C for healthy bones.

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Nutritious pant-based food product

Over 100 million meals sold to over 100 countries.

Better skin. Better hair. Better teeth.

And that’s only three of the 175 health benefits that come from Huel. Including Zinc and Vitamin C, as well as over twenty more essential vitamins and minerals - Everything your body needs from food.

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Nutritious pant-based food product

Find your perfect Huel
Huel comes in many formats and flavours.

Start by swapping one meal a day
Huel can be a filling breakfast or lunch.

Complete food. Made simple
Prepare a delicious complete meal in minutes.

Great start! Now make it a habit
Add Huel to your daily routine.

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